What is TripleChili?


TripleChili is an idea that was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, while under full lockdown in Colombia. We saw that there was a lot of misinformation being spread (even now), and that there were some resources available in English that weren’t available in Spanish (or at least were of poor quality). So, we wanted to make these super important resources available to Spanish speakers. That’s how we started. At its heart, we want TripleChili to be a place to share ideas. The best ideas aren’t born in isolation, but come from networks, and are connected to other ideas, and we think one of the best ways to share ideas with as many other people as possible is by making them available in another language.

Let us know if you have a suggestion or there’s something you’d like to see! Send us an email: hello@triplechili.com and sign up for our newsletter!

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TripleChili's mission is find and share the best tools we can find to help empower people.

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