How to Get Started Working From Home

Finding a job from home can be difficult. In fact, it requires a lot of research, because everything on the Internet is constantly changing and information can be difficult to find. Virtual work has become, in recent years, an ideal sought by many because working from home can bring freedom, both in economic and personal terms.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world’s population, getting a job has become a challenge, now more than ever. That’ss why working from home has turned out to be a good opportunity not only to have extra income, but also to passively earn money on the internet and, consequently, improve one’s lifestyle.

Working From Home and Productivity

Could we be more productive by working purely from home? Can it have a positive impact on our lifestyle? In fact, the answer is yes to both questions. A 2015 study published in The Oxford University Press’ Quarterly Journal of Economics concluded that the experience of working remotely can be described as “positive” for both the employee and the company.

It turns out, working from home can provide a better work space (if done well) and this can increase the worker’s levels of concentration and productivity. In addition to this, no side effects were found to be generated by teleworking but, on the contrary, people felt less exhausted and stressed after the working day.

As for companies, costs to maintain a group of employees in a physical facility will be drastically reduced, should they make the change and move to remote work.

You see? Working online has its advantages. Now, if you think this new lifestyle is for you, read on! Because you’re in the right place.

What do You Need to Work From Home?

It seems a bit obvious but you need a computer and a good internet signal. Keep in mind that you will probably be in contact with people from other countries so it’s important that you guarantee your availability.

Now, if you think you’re ready, you need to look at what niche market you want to play in and that means finding your focus. Not all professions can be performed from home and virtually, but you can use your skills to earn extra money online. For example, you can start by asking yourself the following questions: Which of my skills can I use online? What kind of jobs would I like to do from home? Do I want to find a full-time job or do I want to be in control of my work schedule?

Don’t worry! We know it’s a bit overwhelming and can be hard to get started, so we’re going to leave you with a guide to the best options for working online.

Choosing a Work-From-Home Job. What’s Right for You?

The first thing you need to understand, and which is fundamental, is the difference between “active” and “passive” income. Active income requires your activity and dedication, for example: making crafts to sell, chatting with a company’s customers, or whatever requires your time, your effort and your presence. In contrast, passive income is received without requiring as much direct involvement on your part.

How is that possible? Imagine that you want to start working from home and you decide to create a blog to recommend healthy recipes, because you are a professional cook. You couldn’t, in that case, be the head chef in a hotel kitchen virtually, but you could create online courses, sell e-books, or create your own blog to recommend recipes. Now, imagine that in that blog you decide to include advertising for a brand that sells the best kitchen accessories and that advertising gives you commission for each click received. That money enters your account passively. However, you must take into account that this kind of strategies can take longer to generate substantial income. Don’t worry, we’ll be talking more about this in a future article.

Having said that, and opening up the panorama a little, we selected the best options for finding work from home, and divided them into three main categories, like this:

Promote or sell a product or service, as a third party

Create your own business, or digitize the one you currently have.

Become a freelancer.

Below, we will explain a little about the options available in each of these categories. It is worth noting that there are endless possibilities to earn money online, but the ideal is to focus on finding jobs that are profitable, that provide positive things to personal growth, that allow a better lifestyle and that, of course, can be done from home. This practical guide is not about becoming a millionaire overnight, but about finding remote work opportunities. This means that it implies effort and dedication.

1. Promote or Sell a Product or Service as a Third Party

This means that you will be selling (or promoting) products or services from a specific supplier, but this will not represent a business of your own. However, the options available in this type of work are often promising, successful, and economically profitable, so read carefully:

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, or plan to create one, you can monetize it with affiliate marketing and earn income, active and passive, in the process. Here’s how it works: A producer offers a product or service that you, as an affiliate, will sell to earn a commission. For example, TripleChili is an Amazon affiliate, and if you click on this link to buy this book that just might transform your life, TripleChili will get a commission.

Here, everybody wins. On the one hand, the provider expands its communication channels because it has affiliates who are constantly promoting their product through different channels. On the other hand, the affiliate, which in this case would be you, earns commission for each sale or for each click. In addition, the customer (final consumer) is offered different options to buy a product and make a good decision.

If this sounds interesting, then you can read our guide on affiliate marketing for beginners.


You’ve probably heard about this and don’t know how it works, but it’s really simple. In this case, the idea is to sell products from a supplier, through your own store, but without having to worry about inventory. In other words, you sell, but the supplier handles fulfillment and sends the product directly to the customer, so the warehousing and delivery is essentially outsourced.

The main advantage? Your production costs will be much lower because you only need to create your online store. You don’t need to have physical facilities, nor worry about the availability of the products… much less the shipping, because that will be the supplier’s task.

It should be noted that, to achieve this, it is necessary to seek platforms that allow you to create your virtual store and, in turn, suppliers that distribute products with which you feel satisfied. You have to take ownership of the work and have dedication in order to achieve results. Shopify is a platform that will help to create your virtual store for Dropshipping. Their blog contains valuable information to help you achieve this.

2. Create Your Own Business or Digitize the One You Currently Have

Working from home can be even more interesting if it’s your own life project. Here, we recommend the best options in which you can create a virtual business, without needing to incorporate or recruit.

Now, if you already have your own business that works physically and would like to digitize it to expand, this is the best option.

Create a Website to Sell Online

Can you imagine what would happen if your business started to attract more potential customers? Exactly! This is what the internet can do. Even without advertising and just through organic search, you can get your website positioned in search engines, such as Google, so that your business is seen by greater numbers of people.

This, of course, implies that you take care of creating your own virtual store, so that you can sell online.

Create Your Own Blog

We know that this may be one of the most striking options because it doesn’t necessarily mean that you sell products on the Internet. A blog can be purely informative and can generate quality content that invites people to read it and, in this way, generate traffic and possibilities of monetizing it.

As we mentioned before, paid advertising is one of the best ways to generate passive income with your blog, because you can earn commission for every click. In addition to this, you can use affiliate marketing to also boost your income. Best of all? Not only will you be working from home, but you’ll be doing it by your own rules and at your own pace.

As an additional tip: If you already have a social network account with a good number of followers, you can promote your blog to start generating traffic to it.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Yeah, we know it sounds simple, but it’s actually a little more complex than you’d think. However, not only can you make money on YouTube by the amount of plays in a video, but you can also advertise with it.

What’s the challenge? To find the way to make quality content, not only from an information standpoint, but also from a visual aspect. Being a social network that revolves around the production of videos, it’s essential that your content be visually friendly.

This may not be the right choice for everyone, but if you get a good number of subscribers and plays, it’s possible to generate a decent amount of revenue.

Teach Online

If you consider yourself an expert in what you do, you can take advantage of those skills to give classes or tutorials virtually. In fact, this can be one of the most appealing options because it allows you to be paid by the hour and can be economically profitable.

Latinhire is a platform that allows you to work from home by giving tutorials online and is focused on Latin American students, so it is easily accessible.

One of the main advantages of working from home, as we mentioned before, is the fact that it also represents a savings in time and transportation, since we don’t have to travel to a work site to give classes.

You want another recommendation? At Udemy you can also work as a virtual teacher. It has more than 50 million students around the world and is recognized in more than 190 countries. So… figure out what your best skills are and share them with the world, while earning money.

3. Become a Freelancer

In fact, on the Internet there are specialized platforms that allow you to create your virtual business and, thus, get customers to work from home. In this case, you must strictly evaluate which of your skills can be sold online.

Based on the above, it’s recommended that you have a good command of English, although it’s not entirely required. Yes, you can find jobs in Spanish as well, and in fact, there are specific platforms for doing so, but many of the best opportunities require a good command of English as a second language and you should keep in mind that this can easily increase your rate.

Some examples of freelance work are related to writing, advertising, website creation, graphic design, translations, transcriptions and a host of other options. In fact, although most of the platforms are in English (and that’s why it’s important to handle the language), you can also find jobs in Spanish, full-time or even with companies around the world, that hire virtually.

Now, the best and most recommended platforms for looking for work from home, as a freelancer, are:

– In English: We Work Remotely, Working Nomads and Upwork.

– In Spanish: Workana and Soy Freelancer

In our next article, we compare the best freelancer platforms for working online. So if freelancing might be your thing, then read on!

Working From Home: Getting Started is the Challenge

Yes, of course, the hardest thing of all is to get started, but since you’ve come this far, I assure you that you have the main basis for making the best decision.

Remember that success is only achieved when actions are directed by love and by the passion you feel for what you do. So, get motivated! Discuss what your skills are, how you would like to work online and what kind of jobs you would like to do from home. This way, you’ll be one step closer to achieving it.

This is the first article in TripleChili’s “Work from Home” series. If you would like to be informed of upcoming articles, please subscribe at the bottom of the page to receive updates in your mail.

So long and good luck!

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