Should You Have a Blog? We Think So and Here’s Why!

The decision to create a blog should not be made lightly. It is a fundamental tool for your business, although there is also the possibility of creating a blog as a hobby, with more personal content or stories. Both options are viable. The blog not only allows you to position the business you already have, eventually, you could generate extra income in a passive way. So, if the idea of creating your own blog has crossed your mind, here we’ll tell you why it’s an excellent decision.

When we say that this is something that should not be decided lightly, we mean that it’ll require time and effort on your part. The first thing you have to do is define what you want to create a blog for and what its objective will be. Only then can you start to get on track. Now, if the answer to these two questions is “I don’t know what to do,” and “I want to create a blog to make money,” then you will have to be patient. In this case, the process will be long and it may take months, or even years, to start receiving income from the monetization of your blog. Keep in mind that creating a blog is not a quick and easy way to make money on the Internet. That said, if you are not motivated enough to create a blog, it’s advisable you take the time to organize a plan of action to increase your chances of success in the process.

Why Create a Blog if There are Already So Many?

This is the question we all ask ourselves, and you were probably already thinking about it as you read. The answer is simple: there’s no one better than you to promote your own business or to tell your stories the way you like. No brand will be the same as another. They may be similar, share the same colors, or offer similar products, but each one comes with particular added values, unique to the people who created them. Having a blog can make your business grow exponentially, so why not do it? It’ll take time and require a small investment, but it’ll yield positive results—especially if done well.

The number of blogs published on the Internet should not prevent you from finding a different way to tell your stories or share your knowledge. The blog can be as personal as an intimate journal. But, unlike a diary, the purpose of a blog is for people to read it and interact with you. If you have a personal brand, the blog can help you find customers who are looking for exactly the products you offer in your niche market. For example, if you’re passionate about design, you can create a site to share stories related to interior decoration and, at the same time, offer your services or products.

A Personal Blog

We can think of a personal blog as the best version of your résumé. It doesn’t matter what you write about or what kind of stories you share. They can be travel stories, recipes, articles related to psychology, or health and wellness issues. The options are virtually endless. The important thing here is that your blog will function as a tool to find new clients and, better yet, create a community that interacts with your content. The latter is what will allow you to monetize your blog through advertising, or with an affiliate marketing strategy—just to name a few of the monetization possibilities that exist.

Could my blog generate income? Yes! Passively, too. If your blog is successful, you could even change your lifestyle and start working virtually. Keep in mind that it’s not just about writing articles and uploading them. It requires a planning process, and the first thing you have to do is ask yourself what you want to achieve with the blog.

A Blog for Your Business

In business terms, the blog can function as a platform to carry out your content marketing strategy. This could help you to not only position yourself in the web search engines, but also expand your community, the number of visits to your website and amount of customers. It goes without saying that even the credibility of your brand will increase because users will see new content, constantly.

Imagine that your business is related to the sale of pet products and you have a website where people can buy virtually. If you create a blog to share pet care tips, or to tell stories related to the brand, your audience, by reading your blog periodically, will come closer to becoming a customer every day.

Now, let’s talk about the fun of it all and tell you exactly what the main advantages of creating a personal or business blog are. This way, you can prepare yourself for the planning process we talked about earlier and make a better decision.

Advantages of Creating a Blog for Your Business

1. Affordable initial investment. The cost of creating a blog and maintaining it is not too high. It’s necessary to invest money in hosting and domain, mainly. This is the URL of your blog and the service that hosts it. On the internet, there are many options for buying them. We recommend Hostinger, which has proven to be economical and safe.

2. Creates a community. A blog will allow you to create a community around your business. The idea of community is superior to the concept of customers who just buy your products or services. In a business, the creation of a community is essential to building customer loyalty and, if you also get them to interact with your brand, it’ll be even better. By creating a community, you’ll be motivating people to read your content and package it with your brand.

3. Better web positioning. Would you like your brand to appear among the first results that Google gives after a search? That’s what we mean by “search engine optimization.” Continuing with the previous example, if you have a business selling pets, it’s essential that your business appears among the Google results when people make basic queries, like “which is the best food for dogs.” Luckily, search engines love blogs. They are like robots that select the results that best fit the users’ queries, and to do so they use certain parameters, such as keywords. Then, to increase its positioning once your website is published, you could start with something as simple as writing an article that explains, precisely, which is the best dog food.

4. User recognition. A blog will increase your chances of positioning yourself as an expert in your niche market. You can use the blog as a means to provide information and content of interest. This will help you differentiate yourself from the competition, and help customers in their decision to buy. Therefore, if you want your business to stand out, it’s important that you demonstrate your level of expertise and that you communicate effectively with your customers, addressing their needs and concerns.

5. Boosts your business. A blog is an essential tool for generating a brand image that helps boost your business; something which is very necessary for new businesses or SMEs. If you publish content regularly, it’ll be easier for people to remember your name or your brand, especially if they can associate it with specific design patterns and content.

6. Increases the number of customers. That’s the idea, right? Well, here it is. We’ve already explained that it won’t happen overnight. It requires work and perseverance. Remember when we told you that the decision to create a blog should not be taken lightly? That’s because you have to plan, structure and delimit what kind of content you will include in your blog. If you create new content regularly, then you’ll start connecting with new people and, eventually, increase your number of customers.

7. Builds customer loyalty. You can create a database with useful information for your business, such as the e-mail address of your potential customers. The importance of the user database is not simply to congratulate them on their birthdays, although that can be a good strategy. The real potential of having a database is the loyalty capacity that you can achieve with an e-mail marketing campaign or newsletters.

8. Earns your audience’s trust. At this point, it shouldn’t be necessary to explain why this is important, right? If your customers don’t trust you, it’ll be very difficult for your business to grow. Think of trust as the foundation of a lasting relationship. Periodically posting on the blog is an effective way to not only attract new customers, but also to show your audience that you care about them and are working to give them your best.

9. It promotes services. A blog is an excellent tool to promote services. Selling products is easy. You just need to take pictures of them, edit them, make them look beautiful and publish them, along with a brief description. On the other hand, offering services is a separate story. Most services need more than images to convince customers. Think of a nutritionist, psychologist or a marketing consultant. For these cases, a blog will provide you with the necessary space to explain, in detail, what you offer, what the advantages are and what differentiates you from the competition.

10. Create business partnerships. Establishing alliances and business partnerships is an important step for the growth of your brand or company. The aforementioned benefits of creating a blog put your company in a better position and increase your chances of creating business partnerships to expand.

Advantages of Creating a Personal Blog

1. Develop your skills. Attention, readers! We know that not everyone has the same writing and communication skills. That’s why this is the advantage that tops the list and works a little as practical advice. In life, it’s very important, not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level, to be able to articulate ideas correctly. Here, the blog plays a fundamental role. Your first articles probably won’t sound like you expect them to. But surely, time and practice will make them better and better.

2. Exploit your skills. A blog allows you to create a personal brand based on your skills. If you don’t have your own brand yet, but you have skills and/or knowledge that can be promoted on the Internet, the blog is an excellent tool to do so.

3. Work on what you are passionate about. There’s nothing more satisfying than doing what you love and sharing the happiness it brings. Running a blog is a job that requires time and dedication, but it’ll be time spent doing something you are passionate about. It could also become your new lifestyle. If your goal is to work virtually and you’ve come this far because you want to create your own blog, then here’s the confirmation you’ve been waiting for: Yes!

4. Make yourself known. A blog is an excellent marketing and advertising tool, and can help you spread your brand or your name. Of course, this will become possible once your blog has been running for some time, is positioned and generating an acceptable number of visits.

5. It generates passive income. With a blog there is always the possibility of generating income in a passive way, either through advertising (like Google Ads) or with an affiliate marketing program. We’ll continue to emphasize, however, that this can take a lot of time and effort to bear fruit. It may take months, or even years, for the passive income generated by the monetization of your blog to be significant.

6. Acquire new knowledge. The challenge of creating a blog also involves acquiring knowledge and developing new skills to optimize its operation. Learning about design, graphics creation and digital marketing—among other skills—will eventually help you be a better professional.

The Blog Is an Excellent Digital Tool!

Now you know why a blog might be the tool you need to boost your business, become a better writer, or, perhaps, turn your personal life around. You can start right now. Are you ready? In our next article, we tell you exactly how to create your blog. Let’s get to work!

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